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April 25
John Dale presents at A4LE Southwest Region Conference: Reimagine Schools: Where Passion Meets Purpose
OPEN BUILDING: Creating Resilient Educational Environments
John Dale, FAIA, HED and Stephen Kendall, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Ball State University

Educational buildings constitute a huge and influential part of our built environment and directly impact a huge portion of our population on a daily basis. At any given point in time the majority of these facilities are inadequate to the task at hand providing meaningful, relevant, accommodating, healthy settings for learning. In fact, many of these buildings continue to operate long after they have become obsolete. Many of our school districts undergo cycles of renewal and rebuilding in 30-year increments and are – in between these disruptive renewal programs – frequently finding their building stock an impediment to the vital activities essential to effective and progressive education. This panel and workshop is an exploration of decision-making strategies designed to support a longer and more dynamic vision about the creation of educational facilities. Open Building is a design, decision-making and resource allocation approach that offers clients and the public a long-lasting architectural portfolio that at the same time allows fluid occupation and use; enables affordable and less disruptive upgrades at many levels; and accommodates shifting pedagogies, alternate furniture configurations and evolving instruction technologies with minimal disruption and in a way that minimizes a building stock's carbon footprint. Open Building balances permanence and change to create dynamic and resilient settings for a wide range of human activities.

Learning Objectives
- Become acquainted with the principals of Open Building and the origins of an international movement for the creation of flexible, resilient, place-specific structures.

- Learn about recent, cutting edge educational projects that embody Open Building principals.

- Gain insight into the client perspective on planning for flexibility in educational environments.

- Understand the implications of systems design as an aspect of Open Building.