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Headquarters, Garrett Brands
Chicago, IL
Garrett Brands
A workplace redesign
that pops.
Melding tradition and innovation with iconic local flavor.
The right mix.
Following the meteoric growth of its iconic Garrett’s Popcorn brand, parent company Garrett Brands sought a design partner to expand and reimagine its existing Chicago corporate headquarters. The new space would need to accommodate new employees and future growth; aid in attracting both new talent and new franchisees; support a culture of camaraderie and collaboration between new and existing employees; and position Garrett Brands for the future while paying tribute to its long history of tradition, care and craftsmanship.

Working closely with Garrett’s internal design team, HED developed a new vision for Garrett’s corporate headquarters, one that interweaves clean, contemporary design with subtle visual storytelling.

Spacious, flexible and interactive, the redesigned office space features an open floorplan with bench-style seating to encourage engagement amongst employees. Visually, the space not only aligns with Garrett’s brand palette, but gestures towards its history and traditions. Navy-blue striped carpet echoes the brand’s signature blue-striped popcorn tins, while copper accents evoke the old-fashioned copper kettles originally used for popping corn. Both the reception area and office café incorporate custom reclaimed wood, an homage to the wooden spoons still used to stir the popcorn today. A bright, unexpected paint-splattered wall in the recreation area and whimsical, popcorn-printed graphic accent walls add a playful element to the space.

Striking the right balance between past and progress, the completed workspace redesign effectively positions Garrett Brands for the future while honoring the brand’s unique history and traditions.
An expanded foot plate accommodates new employees and anticipates future growth.
The heavily branded office space aids in attracting both new talent and franchisees.
The interactive, open-office design, café and recreational areas and employee events—including weekly taste-testing events and ping-pong tournaments—encourage camaraderie and collaboration.
Visual storytelling pays homage to tradition and history while positioning Garrett for the future.
Executive offices provide private spaces amidst the open-office design.
Perimeter windows showcase Chicago skyline views, maximizing the office’s Magnificent Mile location and adding a strong sense of place to an iconic Chicago brand.
The HED Team captured the core of the Garrett Brand in meaningful and fun ways throughout the space. They brought the highest level of creativity and expertise to the project.”
Lance Chody
Chairman and CEO
Garrett Brands LLC
Melding tradition and innovation with iconic local flavor.
Headquarters, Garrett Brands
Chicago, IL
A workplace redesign
that pops.